Research & NAIP Concepts

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Through stories, case studies and personal testimonies of musicians and artists from five countries, Peter Renshaw explores the question what constitutes quality in community engagement. He also addresses implications of such diverse work for the learning and development of arts practitioners and for Higher Education Institutions.

Renshaw, P. (2013). Being In Tune: seeking ways of addressing isolation and dislocation through engaging in the arts. Chapter IV: Synergy between social and artistic goals. London: Guildhall School of Music & Drama/Barbican Centre.

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This report describes research that was conducted into the careers of young British graduates, mapping the various areas of engagements the musicians find themselves in as well as the skills and roles that contemporary musicians need in order to fulfil the many requirements of today’s music profession. The more than 50 interrelated roles are brought back to four main roles, those of performer, composer, leader and teacher. The report gives a fascinating insight into musicians’ development.

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This article takes the reader step by step into holding a narrative (biographical) interview; addresses do’s and don’ts and gives insight into the reasons the interviewer can have for choosing for a narrative interview.

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